[Free] Dots Indicator Extension || Create dots indicator below Image slide show


Today I am presenting Dots Indicator extension that creates dots indicator below image slide show and it is free I know there is already a extension that do this but this extension comes with some extra features. So without wasting time ket start and see blocks of this extension

All Blocks


All Properties



blocks - 2021-01-09T121423.522

Creates indicator in a given layout


Return current active index

blocks - 2021-01-09T121505.480

Select the given index

blocks - 2021-01-18T174329.125

Set the active colour in int

component_set_get (1)

Return the active colour in hex

component_set_get (2)

Returns the inactive colour of indicator in hex

blocks - 2021-01-18T174324.209

Set the inactive colour of indicator

blocks - 2021-01-09T121924.150

Set the size of dots in indicator

component_set_get (3)

Returns the size of dots in indicator

I hope you understand all documentation


Suggestion and issues of this extension are welcome

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Preview of the Dots Indicator


Launched on 2021-01-10T18:30:00Z
Updated on 2021-04-02T18:30:00Z

Extension has been updated Now you can set the active and inactive color with kodular in built colors by @Taifun suggestion
Also the extension is causing export error it is now fixed
Thank you @Mohamed_Tamer for telling me the problem in my extension

Good Bye


please give blocks and aia

I have given the extension download link and documentation of block then why you needs aia


ok thanks let me try this

Can you added animation on dots

Wow Cool Extension


I haven’t understood this

Dots transfer animation

please mix this extension to your pager extension.
make one extension.

I have not created any pager extension

Currently there is no animation but i will try to add in next update

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I have created this with your extension

dots indicator


Nice Creation @Sumit1334

Thanks you @Heeran

how to use this extenstion? :thinking:

Just use create blocks give the layout and length to it

thank you for your contribution

however talking about conventions :upside_down_face: … there is one thing, which is setting the color of the dots using hex codes… in App Inventor and Kodular we usually use the color blocks for colors rather than hex codes… it would be great, if you could change that in your logic, so the extension is compatible with the built-in color blocks, thank you




Currently I am working on my app so I cant update my extension but about 1 week I will update it with in built color codes

All user those are using this extension please update it to the latest version becos it is causing export error now it has been fixed


@Learn_Engineering have you downloaded the latest version

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