[Free] EazzySheets New Easy Basic SpradSheet Extension Error Free

With This Extension We Can Add,Update,Delete,ReadALL Data From Spreadsheet .

You Just Need Script Deployed Link, Google Sheet ID,Sheet Name.

That Set. After That You Can Easily Access Data From GoogleSheets/Spreadsheets.

Picture of all the blocks


instructions to use your extension

You need to make Some Changes In to Parameter in ScriptFile.
Use Blocks As Follows

Aix File and Script File as Follows

com.EazzySheets.Vishu.aix (100.5 KB)
Script :
Script.txt (2.2 KB)

NOTE: DM For More Details…


Thanks for your contribution!
Please follow the naming conventions for your extension’s blocks:

For example, ReadSingleROW would be ReadSingleRow

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Please Upload Kodular Blocks not Appinventor Blocks

there is already a free extension -

Yes this free Sorry you must check this before uploading it as paid

Not only This I have seen one More Extension from @AppHelper_Studio Which is also free

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if you see that topic @AppHelper_Studio decompiled this extension -

and published it

Yes you are right

#Off-Topic I dont think that decompiling extension exist… or if it is … it requires much knowledge I think :thinking:

Dear @Vishal_Nage this extension is already available

in the community and reposting the same extension is not allowed in the community

Its not very hard

One extension is paid and second one have some errors…

This is Not Same Extension…

  1. One Extension Is Paid
  2. Second One Have Some Errors

Am i right ? If You Tested Some Extension.

I have tried few google extension but when i try to send nearly 160 values at a time to a column, most of the extension failed to store all the values.I find empty cell blocks in between. But later i tried the method suggested in this site it works great at a time even i can able to store multiple datas too. Once you learnt the script code, then you will feel how easy to send or get data from gsheet without any kind of paid extensions…

Dont know who is the owner of the page but all methods are good to use. Just learn and try, you wont be need any kind of paid extension.

:wink: …


Which page ?

This page.

Then why name the title as Error Free?

I am using this …and i found no error

good Extension

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