How to use Google Spreadsheet without any extensions?

Which has features like Update Row, Delete Row, Create Row, Read Data. Without using any extensions.

Use Google script.

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Use this Guide to implement Google Sheets in your app.

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I just want these features Update Row, Delete Row, Create Row, Read Data, can you explain the simple language?

Yes, you can do that through the web extension and script from the Google script editor. I am my application based on this basis

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How You Have Any aia File.

Try here:

karar (1).aia (702.2 KB)

Reads the first row of the chart in a list. And when you click on one of the elements and by the number of the index, he imports the data in the columns and he can also modify and add a field with a new identifier

Also in the aia file there are long press events, not click events. A while ago I gave it to a friend and he told me not to work because he is not aware of events :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

In such case you can use spreadsheet extension. Even you can his youtube videos also in youtube for better understanding

You do not need any extensions to do these things…


Hello, sorry but I haven’t made any Extension for Spreadsheet.

Sorry it is my mistake @Atom_Developer . I m withdrawing my words.

He is App Helper. I saw his extension in youtube. Recently V5 he released and the fact is it is completely free to use

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Yes, 1000%. If you learn the web app scripta given in this page, then you no need to use any kind of extension. This method stores all the data without any problems.

Whoever asks, i will suggest this technique only.(now i didn’t use the extension which I suggest earlier in this post)

Thanks and credit goes to @TimAi2

where can i get spreadsheet extension version5

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