Free Grid Card View for your App | Tutorial

May be you are finding a Grid Card View extension and found only paid versions of it !

Want it for Free ?
Then you are at the right place. Here is a video tutorial on my YouTube on how you can make your own Good looking Grid Card View for your app.

With No Extension Paid/Free

Watch the video to see how its done.

I made it in English as many of such tutorials are made in Hindi.
However the Audio Quality and my speech is Worst ( I’ll try to improve it further… !!)

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Feel free to comment your opinion on my video which encourages me to make more such videos !

Cheers !


Please post some screenshots

See the Thumbnail of the video. Thats exactly how it looks !

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I can’t see it properly.
Post some screenshots please

This is how it looks !

please help me solve this problem

Put the view pager mode into fixed mode. And try

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ok you wait am check

Thanks bro

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Do this method suit dynamically apps in which the images are not predetermined , will this method show those images automatically just like a gallery shows use new images and photos

Yes !

It can only load images from URL !! You cannot load images on the storage !

So got some ideas for that??

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Not yet, but I’ll try it later !

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Plz find some way I tried a lot, I have my project stoped due to this reason

Hey I need help. Can you tell me how i can set onclick function for this. Suppose i want to build an appstore, i understood how to add items dynamically but how to set to open another screen with the details of selected grid item. plz help me. sorry for bad english :[ . I need support plz rply me. Thnx for providing this html stuff!

Use the webview string changed block to get the value of OnClick event

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@aravind_chowdary_in Can you please provide the .aia file or the .html file ? Because you deletedit from your github page

I Have 3 Design

  1. Single Image in one Column For Video And Wallpaper App
    2.2 Columns And Multi Rows Without title and Subtitle
    3.3rd Look Likes You

Iska complete tutorial banao bro.
Or app ko video me test karke bhi batao

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