[FREE] KevinkunAirtable extension

The field I am trying to update is of type “Link to another record”.


and when I call the UpdateById procedure it throws me the error that I mentioned above

oh maybe this extension do not support this data type. I need to check on that later.
Can you just use type String?

Yes, the fields of type String if I can update them as well as those of numeric type. But I already tried to update this field which is of type “Link to another record” as if it were a field of type String or numeric using the operators “to” and “=”, but it in no way allowed me to do so.

Sorry but it’s not support this data type

There is a way to sort by several fields at the same time. Something like the following, is it possible?


Possible, do you want to be a sponsor of this feature?

Can you make a youtube video and share the link

Why you want a video? If any questions, pls ask here.

Have you tried anything ? Search in community? Most of users query is already asked and solved.

How to get columns and set them in global variable

Use call.Select and when when.selectFinished block


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Is this for column or row ?

Have you read info provided by the developer ? If not read again #post1

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Does it has max record more than 1200

Free limit of airtable is 1200 row only… Are you using paid version of airtable?

Let’s say we have a table like this:

and we try to get ‘name’ column like this:

the global records is a list of list of list.

if you want to get a simple list (not nested list), do this:



What is nested list ?

What is page size ?

See post #1

Json format… …