[Free]Numbers To Arabic Text

Here is my another small extension which converts Numbers into Arabic text …

No library are used…
No need of network…
No need of API call…

in number place you cau use either maths or string place

If you found any error pls let me know it


NumberToArabicText.aix (14.9 KB)

Version 2 added

Solved bug: unable to work with length of the string more than 13+
This version will work untill the length of the string upto 19. If it exceeds it will throw runtime error else it will not show the value of digit after 19th place…

Thanks for letting know the error @AliSaadShakir

com.numtoarabic.gsr.V2.aix (10.8 KB)


Very good :heart:

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Thank you, excellent work, the addition has been checked and everything is fine

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