[Free/OS] [Ver 1.1 Asteroid] Razorpay Payment API Based Extension

Is this a bug?
I thought it was some issue from my end.

Please Wait For Some Time I am Compiling My Extension


Dear User Bug is Fixed Testing and Publishing is Left

Waiting for it to be published…

Bug is Fixed But Due It Another Bug Seems To be Occurred That it shows Payment failed

Dear User in Razorpay There is No Fail Event I have Modified It

@thealphagamer786 Extension Has Been Published With AIA

OK Thanks Trying the new version.

I am getting this error while calling my php from hosting.
Can you pls tell me what is wrong in my php file.
(Seriously, Don’t know much about it)

@thealphagamer786 Could You Tell Your PHP version

For Me it is Working Fine

You Could See This is Working


May I Know Which Hosting Your Using I am Using GoDaddy

To: All Users
From : @Sashibhusan_Coder

Notice : 000Webhost is Having Some Problem

Ya This is working for me too

current php ver : 7.2


As I See I Will Make Another Script for 000Webhost


Now Please See It