[PAID] Razorpay Extension - Razorpay Payment Gateway

Short Description

This extension is specially made for razorpay to make razorpay payment gateway easier for App Inventors.
You Can Handle Payments,Refunds,Settlements,Payment Links,Payment Gateways, Many more.

It’s secure , reliable & easy to use for the users .Only you have to enter your Api , Secret Keys & some other details to our extension

Need Verification To Use This Extension

You need to initialize verification component before initializing this extension, Link of Verification Extension Given Below .

Designer or Simple Properties Blocks


Simple Function Blocks

Simple Event Blocks


  • Will it need any web server or hosting ? NO

  • Is it secured ? YES

  • Does it contains any Violent Libraries? NO

  • Is it contains any third party links or connections? NO

  • Is it just like Plug & Play Extension? YES


DEMO APP : Razorpay.apk (5.1 MB)

Verification Extension: Link

PRICE: ₹600 or $12


Nice Extension :+1:


Hi, You must also add Create Order Id method, It should take amount as an argument.

Razorpay expects amount*100 as argument on server side so do consider that too.

Already considered the amount as the 100 times of that and the addition of order creation is not a big deal so i will add it in the next update

Good work :smile:

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Well done for your extension :clap: , but please post kodular blocks after testing . Sometime extension some extensions will not work in different platforms due to their inbuilt code.

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I have already checked in all other platforms

And also you will get demo app’s aia for better observations or understanding.

orderId is a big deal because the payments will not be auto captured else.

I am telling you that I will add it asap

Ok no problem, I was just pointing it out.

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I want RazorPay Extension. How can i communicate with you to purchase extension? Revert me