[Paid] LeoPayU Extension- PayU Payment Gateway

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Now you can accept payment through the famous Payment Gateway PayU.
You can implement this gateway to make eCommerce or any type of online Store.

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Test Apk:- test (1).apk (5.4 MB)

How to Purchase

Pay Rs 299 Using Paytm and PM screenshot

Pay using UPI
UPI ID:- [email protected]


a legendary extension i know such an extension will come from someone i will buy it soon

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thank you


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Can the person paying us pay with her PAYu account?


I mean, no other payments can be made as an alternative, only a PAYu account is required, isn’t it?

thank you


Hats Off to you @DeveloperLeo :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I didn’t get u.
DM me, we can discuss more what exactly u want.

and Thanks to @UnknownBeast and @FIKIR_KUMESI


thank you for your contribution…
please remember the naming conventions… please update the extension accordingly…

also let me suggest you to provide only one error event… you can add some parameter into the event to describe the specific error


What about designing part of this extension , I mean what credentials needed for payment ?

U just needed Key and salt to start the payment.

Thanks for informing me, I will update that soon.

also thanks for the suggestion. I will take into consideration.

hello i want buy please give any contact

@Shatrudhn_Kumar is suspended because he pm-ed other users for this paid extension.


I Want Details With Extension Please Give Me A Details About How To Do And Extension

Develoer leo after payment how can i get the extension

U can dm me payment proof.

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Is this fulfill all Kodular & Google Play Store Payment policies ?

Gateway is not responsible for Google policy.
The use of gateway is.

Like use in e-commerce app, no issue to use gateway.
But their are some issues with some sorts digital good

I am not google play policy except so u can take advice from someone else or can read policy itself.

Nice Extension But Don’t Use This payment getway check on payu video on YouTube Not Send money my account ₹5000

i will create ticket but not reply anyone from payu

See her App Rate With Proof

Okay, thanks

You have to verify your account to use payment gateway