[PAID] - Paytm Gateway AIA For Kodular - With Dynamic Facility - 2022 Payment Solution

What is the name of your app?

With the help of this AIA solution you can accept payments through one of the most famous & trusted Payment Gateway from Paytm.

This solution works on the complete payment gateway and provides the exact payment status of the transaction.

You can use this gateway to accept payment for your food delivery app, game tournaments app, eCommerce app or any type of online business application developed on drag and drop platform without any hassle.

Describe your app:

This solution doesn’t require any extra extension or component outside the platform. You just have to pass your order credentials to accept payments on Paytm.

You have to Get Paytm Production Credentials from https://dashboard.paytm.com/next/apikeys

This application helps you accept payments via available payment facility on your MID. This is a Dynamic facility which mean you can enter the amount which you are requesting from your customer with order id and other details.

Note:- Order Id must be Unique for all Transactions.

Mode of Payments

  • UPI
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Net Banking
  • Paytm Wallet

How to use the extension:

Additional Payment Screenshot:

Parallel Comparison:

Price of Service

As Written in Title this is a Paid Service AIA

Price:- Rs 399 50 Only.

Where I can get this?

Demo & Purchase APK: https://bit.ly/AIA_Soln

Why To Pay?

I know you can make an apk which has the same facility but it will take some time or money. And here you will get a generated aia file at very less amount which can be modified according to your use.

Totally you call!!! Thanks for reading this


Nice App

What you Have Used Web or Any Extension to perform the transaction ?

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As written in the post. You don’t have to use any extra extension outside the platform to perform the transaction.

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Php ke lie hosting bhi chaie na

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You don’t have to worry about it I’m taking the amount for the same.

Test the given apk you will definitely like it.