[FREE] Popup View - An Extension to show your views as popup

Popup View

This extension helps you to show your layouts as popups at any position with gravity. This is a very simple and small extension that maybe useful for you. You can show the popups by giving the component and with any custom offsets.

Let see its blocks and their documentation.

All Blocks



This event raises when the popup view is dismissed.


This block register the component as Popup View.

component_method (1)

This block show the popup view with gravity. It requires a component at where you want to show the popup.

component_method (2)

This block show the popup at given offset with gravity. You can find the offset of a component by GetX and GetY block.

component_method (3)

Returns true if the popup is being shown.

component_method (4)

Dismiss the popup view if showing.


Returns the X and Y offset of the given component.


If set to true then the popup can be dismissed by the user by touching outside otherwise popup would not be dismissed on outside touch.


Properties for defining the gravity.


Let see how to use the extension

Registering the Popup View

You would need to register the component first to show the popup view.


Showing with Component

blocks (1)

This will show the popup near the button component. ) gravity mean No Gravity.

image (2) (1)

Showing with Positions

blocks (1)

Showing the popup at the top gravity.

image (1)

Showing with Corner Positions


You can use bitwise block for getting the corners positions this way :point_down:

image (1)



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Thanks @Shreyash for the super power full Rush .

Worked very hard for this long extension so like the extension if you like it :+1:

Suggestion and issue are welcome

Thanks you


good work @iamwsumit :+1:

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awesome extension :heart_eyes: @iamwsumit

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Nice one, very useful!

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Awesome awesome… :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:

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This is something interesting!
Great extension :ok_hand:


Nice extension :heart_eyes:

Another Amazing Extension by Sumit!!

nice extension :+1:

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Amazing extension, as always !


Hye sumit this is good extension but I have one Question please solve this

I have an question?
How can I make the Arrangement, which i use make bigger?
I have try so much but it still small

Hi Sumit, I have a question. Is this work in dynamic card view, I want to set New in top right in the first card view.

Easy and efficient :+1:

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Hy Sumit, Can you help me with this issue

it makes the issue in both companion and apk

And I really don’t know why.


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I did every test possible, it is the .Dismiss method that triggers the issue.
It seems that it is impossible to check the (Not) .IsShown immediately after the .Dismiss

even after the .Dissmiss the popupmenu still remain .Shown for a few millisecondes

Thanks for the extension.

One question.

Can I use it to customize three dot menu to display a listview at top-right corner…

Why do I need to download your app to use this plugin? Wouldn’t it be better if you shared the app directly? I don’t understand why the Kodular allows the Clickbait topics…

Does PopUp darken the rest of the screen?

How can I get the PopUp to popup in the center of the screen?


Hi All

Just a question regarding the Pop-Up extension by


Is the background screen suppose to dim when the selected component “pops-up”?


and if so, how does on center it on the screen?