[PAID] Recycler View - An Extension for creating recycler view in your apps

In deephost video recyler it’s free and is for video , I think it sould be free , You can see deephost one , your extionsion is good but I love deephost one

We advise against using anything from deephost because he doesnt support his extensions.


can i use this in your paralax view pager

Version 3

Version 3 of the recycler view extension is released.
In this version, I have added some blocks.

What’s New

  • New blocks added for getting realtime scroll offset.

Bug Fixed

  • While creating recycler view horizontally, a width problem is occuring that is now fixed.



This event occurs when your list scrolling. It returns horizontal offset in x varibable and vertical offset in y varibale.

component_method (1)

Same as above event. Return horizontal offset. This block will work only when you have created the recycler view horizontally.

component_method (2)

Same as above event. Return vertical offset. This block will work only when you have created the recycler view vertical.

I have sent the latest extension to their email. Notify me by PM if I forget you.

Thanks @Franklin_Lopez for suggesting this.



not working in niotron app builder and mit app inventer
This is only for kodular :disappointed_relieved:


Version 4

Version 4 of the recycler view extension is released.
In this version, A lot of feature and changes are made.

What’s New

  • Move Item listner has added. Now you can move views.

  • Remove Item listener has added. Now you can remove views with position

  • Item change listner has added. Through this block you can update your view with specific position.

  • Views can be draggable now. Draggable property added.

  • Views can be swiped horizontally. Many properties has added fot swiping views.

  • Reverse Layout has added. Now you can make recycler view to work reversly. It may help you to make chat view designs and something.

Bug Fixes

  • Extension was not working on App Inventor and its distros. Now it has fixed :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Extension now works on all app inventor distros.

  • Extension size has been reduced a lot from 450kb to 80kb. This has possible with super powerful rush. Thank you @Shreyash for your awesome rush.

Blocks Added


Three events has been added for item dragging and swiping.

Listners Added


These are listeners for telling the recycler view that you have changed anything. They are very necesarry for customising your views.

Note:- You would also need to change your list paramters while using these listners. Otherwise you will get same thing after swiping. FOr ex, If you want to remove an item then you would also need to remove that item from your list(names and title…) and you will also need to reduce the total property of recycler view by 1 as you have removed the item.

Properties Added


These are designer properties make view draggable and swipeable.

These features(Draggable and swiping) is available in Custom List View. You can read the docs there and can learn to use thse properties.


Linear Swiping


Grid Swiping


Linear Dragging


I have sent the latest extension to their email. Notify me by PM if I forget you.

Thank you


Can I create all components like dynamic component extension from this extension?

Yes. You can create any type of component with dynamic component extension and can add them in recycler view. BTW, it was a very silly question​:roll_eyes:

I Is this your extension

Please provide test apk link

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Version 5

Version 5 of the recycler view extension is released.
Extension is becoming more easy now.

What’s New

  • Click Listeners has been added. Now it’s very easy to listen clicks on every child component of the item.

  • Item Animator can be enabled or disabled.

  • You can fetch the id that you have added in AddComponentToParent directly from the component that you have added in AddComponentToParent.

  • You can get the position of any item from the parent and parent view.

  • You can check wether the any component is parent View or not.

  • You can get the parent View from position.

Bug Fixed

  • APK crash while enabling only one side swipe.

  • Custom Font Typeface not working properly in text decoration while swiping is fixed.

  • Notify Item Removed was not working is now fixed.


  • Recycler View’s view holder’s itemView is now changed to Vertical Arrangement instance from Linear Layout now.

  • GetParentAsContainer is now must to use while making component as the above change takes place.

  • AddComponentToParent just stores the value now. It don’t add any component in parent view now. It’s optional now. But if you did not used it then almost blocks are not going to work as it stores the values.

  • While using any Notify block, you don’t need to modify the total quantity of recycler view. It will be adjusted own in extension.

Blocks Added


These events triggers when the component is clicked. It returns the clicked component, position, id and the parent.


This block add the click listers to the child and parent component of the item View. This block is very helpful fir listening clicks on components. Now you don’t need to use when any component click with many blocks and logic. However, you can still use the when any Component Click method. You can add the listener to a child component while creating them. Given id and parent will be returned by the ItemClicked event in addtion it return the position of the item View. Read below for the usage.


These blocks are for fetching the info about and from the components.


This way, you could use the click function.

You can simply add the click listeners to multiple components of an item while creating them.


Item Clicked event will be triggered and it will return you all the info of clicked component.
I hope this would be very useful for you.

Thank you for buying my extension. I hope you’re enjoying the extension.

Send me a PM to get the latest version of the extension. I have sent this version to some koders already. If you did not get then just send a PM.

Thank you
Sumit​ :wink:


This is amazing, Sumit! Wow :star_struck: Thanks a lot for your hard work


Hi i need this extension

have any way to get item x,y position from parent?

Yes, possible with extensions. You can find x and y position of the parent and child components with these extensions.

[Free] Popup View Extension and [Free] Component Tools Extension

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I Want To ask one is this extensoin works in niotron or android builder

yes it works

how to add search system please tell me

@iamwsumit when you release next update :thinking::rose:
Scrolling like this you already send updated version but I dont know why u suddenly remove this from group

There are some helping demo AIAs for recycler view extension that are recently published by me. You can read more about them here.

Nested Recycler View

Recycler MultiView

Refresh List view with Swipe refresh layout

Search list with Recycler View

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