[Free] "Unknown Surprise Games - Free Unlimited Games" Apk and Aia file for testing

What is the name of your app?

Unknown Surprise Games - Free Unlimited Games

Describe your app:

Free Unlimited Games to play within a single app.


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (Optional)

DM me


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Does your app contain ads?

I placed banner ads but as created a new account on admob . That’s why Ads are not showing. Can anyone Plz help.

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Plz take a look and review

(post deleted by author)

did you use web viewer ?

web browser :thinking:

but there is no component like that, either you used web component or web viewer component ?

sorry, I thought it was another post. But, now I deleted previous msg.

so you used web viewer for playing games from a website ? right

Don’t spam the forum by creating multiple topics about the same thing. Stick to your original one here.

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Sorry about this, but I posted again, as the app is newer version of previous post.

no matter if it is new or not. if you want to tell us about its update then update it in the same topic

Can i have aia file?

DM the developer like it says.

I can’t dm him


Can you please DM @ibrarasadjoyo as (s)he would like the aia.

You can not monetize these kind of apps. It is just a webviewer.

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