200+ Online Games [ FREE ] + [AIA]

200+ Free HTML5 Games

200+ Online HTML5 Games in a single app

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:point_right: App Store/Download link:
FreeGames.apk (5.0 MB)

:point_right: AIA file

FreeGames.aia (28.1 KB)

NOTE: I will provide you JSON file if you need for a custom design.


This is just a webviewer app. This will never be accepted by Google and not by Kodular to serve ads.


Peter is right but your App Ui is very much good and awesome . But try to make your own content so you can earn also . Because when we play on this app so AdSense ads show not admob which is not good for a app revenue and for his future also. But good try

There is no App UI. It is just a webviewer showing a html page.


So yesterday I drop published apk link, but you closed topic :smirk: :smirk:

The apk link was not for an app made with Kodular and was not related to your topic.

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I don’t want the application size to be large, so I chose WebView.

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:open_mouth: The full app is only a webviewer .Means you only convert website to apk . :sweat_smile:


I had given that link as proof. Because the Google WebView application supports if created correctly.

Of course, I chose AMP HTML to fast load the Homepage, and I created this Custom WebPage myself.

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Yes have you got permission from website owner . If yes than there’s a one more problem of ads issue because in website a adsense ads always popup .

Homepage enough for showing admob ads, because the homepage doesn’t have any ads.

This is your app your choice community is for help and answer for your questions . But for Apps made from Kodular :joy:

You add 2000 games but it is useless as difference between native games and html5 games in webviever


"This is just a webviewer app. This will never be accepted by Google”

Wanna bet?


No :partying_face:


so, my question is how to add native games.

Try to create some unique​:slightly_smiling_face:

Nice creativity, Turning a website to app.

Excellent App :open_mouth:

You deserves an Award! :joy: