[FREE AIA] Game Parlour - Free Popular Addictive Online Games

Game Parlour is a all in one game app where you can play more than 40+ Popular Online Game for free.

There are games like Color Flow, Color Valley, Rocket Rescue, Two Sides, Maze, Make 7, Monster Rush Tower Defense and many more

I hope you like it…

Download - GameParlour.apk (5.9 MB)

or download from makeroid store - Download From Makeroid Store

Downoad AIA -

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This is Kind of Fun In Small Size :smile:
Great App


Wow! Can you tell how do you add such online games in your app?

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ya…sure… all games are made in HTML5. you can search HTML5 games on internet.

just add a web viewer on your app and load HTML5 game URL.

for example you can try this game - Geometry Rash

just load this url - http//buxle.com/games2/geometry-neon-dash/index.html (add : after http)

into your web viewer and its done.

watch the Video from @walya_express posted above will help you to get html games url from iframe

you can get html5 game from buxle.com

Now export apk and have fun…:smile::smile:


I have a question, is this likely to infringe the copyright of others?(if there is a commercial purpose)

Gostaríamos que você incorporasse, hospedasse ou simplesmente conectasse nossos jogos a seus sites. Nós fomos cuidadosamente selecionados os melhores jogos online para você.

Eu Acho que por essa declaração do próprio site eles permitem(e pedem) para que impletamos os seus jogos em nossos sites.

Fonte: 100% Ad Free (AD'less) Games For Your Web-Site!


I was working on same project :joy:



Also, can these Html5 games be downloaded and available to be played offline.

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i think its OK to use for commercial purpose… coz sometimes there are ads inside game… so you can add ad mob ads to your app.

and if you want to make sure for 100% then you can read the terms and condition of the website from where you are using the game link.

ha ha ha… happy to hear it bro…

i am improving this game app also… and planing to publish on playstore soon.

Can you try this game app and give some feedback, so that i can add some more good features… for better user experience

if the service provider provide files for downloading then yes… but i haven’t tried it yet… so cant confirm…

Did u used card view???

and if then how to set card view name to screen title

yes, i have used card view here.

on card view click event set the screen title as your card view name

but the problem is I can’t find set screen name = card view name and also when i am on screen 2 there i cannot use block for card view as they are on screen 1

@Deepanshu_Arya use open screen with start value block

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sorry but can u tell something about start value

thanks but how to assign a text to cardview and then call it on another screen (except open screen name with start value)

hey bro, please share from where u took these games and if your answer is buxle.com , then tell me how you extracted the link

use the url from https://html5games.com/

but i cannot find the game link, do your games have their ads???

yes… sometimes. search on google, there are many website available which provides ad free html5 games