[FREE AIA] Game Parlour - Free Popular Addictive Online Games


(Deepanshu Arya) #22

ok thanks bro

(anuragtekam0) #23

Bro but i think if you add ads in app you cannot add it in playstore

(Vishal) #24

why not… i already done this.

check this -

(Marlon Rodríguez) #25

Friend. Do you think you could share the .aia with me? I wanted to share my own Library of games. I do not know how you do so that your application saved low games and can be played offline. I will give you the credits for the contribution.

(Deepanshu Arya) #26

these games can’t be played in this app

(Vishal) #27

yes, you can play games in this app. it uses web viewer to load HTML5 Game

(Vishal) #28

Click on this link to know how to get the aia file -

(Marlon Rodríguez) #29

Your site is down

(Vishal) #30

no its not…

(Marlon Rodríguez) #31

Well, it’s restricted in my region.

Hope you can get your subscribers, to be able to test your .aia :partying_face:

(Vishal) #32

i didn’t restrict any region on my site. try using opera with VPN on. Use Asia Location.


are you using grid card view extension

(Vishal) #34

no… its just a normal card view, there is an updated version of this app at - Tech CVR - Game Parlour - Dynamic Online Games AIA

new version is total dynamic and fully customized from airtable database