Using Websites in Gaming apps,Legal?

I wanted to know that is if i use html games in making app in kodular and upload it in playstore wil i get banned?
Because, as per the google play policy using of any website not owned by the owner is illegal

Also is it possible to just copy the html file in app without the website,
I mean to say just the coding.

You can use html5 game url in your app and upload in playstore…

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Is there anyone who did it before without getting banned?
and also is there any alternative way??

why @techcvr ur game parlour app removed from playstore ?

Yes, you can do this.
I also made an app which has some HTML5 games and I successfully uploaded it to the play store (it is still there) I never had any problem with that.

Bytheway, you can use This Website to get the links of many HTML5 Games but it contains Ads. :+1:


technically game parlour app is ok but my console account got suspended sue to policy violation…\

you can download the game parlor app aia file after the sub target complete on my youtube channel. if you want, you can check my website for other projects at

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Thanks for replying @techcvr

but can monetize or place ads next to it?

Yes… If the game providers allowed

There is no problem in HTML 5 games no problem but make sure , these website may have Malicious code (not everyone must can be) or have a lot of ads.
Implementing these website can lead you to problems

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how can i know if it is allowed?

i have used it already, check the article below -

i have uploaded this app on playstore and it was working…