Can I approve this kind of app

I thought to make all in one game app
Using html5 games
Is it can get approve

It’s ok if you make a game that does not violate Kodular’s :arrow_down:

Ok thank you

I recommend you read our Monetisation Guidelines before you request approval.

The type of app you want to create will likely not be approved following this rule:

Browser apps, apps that show content or media from other websites without the permission from the owner, or apps that use a trademarked name (for example “Facebook”) are also not tolerated.


Ok can i get approval for app like doing task and earn

No. You can’t

Why was that

And read @Conor’s post

Well, read Monetization guidelines - Kodular Docs

Apps that just make the user do something to earn money is not allowed. Please try to make apps that are useful for users.

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Ok thank you fir guide

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