Is my app is eligible for Google Play Store as i use html games links into it

Is my app is eligible for kodular ads aproval and for Google Play Store as i use html games links into it

why you made two topics

Don’t double post. This is not allowed. Next time you will be suspended from the community.

So you made only a webviewer app and want to earn on the work of others. This will not be accepted by Kodular and Google Play.


Firstly I posted in discuss catagory…then i realise that there is another catagory for play store discussion … Sorry i didn’t know that we can’t post same q in. Diff categories

but you can change the category by editing

what if we emmembeed games from the website which allow us to emmembeed their games to another website or app … Here is the screenshot of that

And also tell what if we use open source games and also we can use YouTube player and play YouTube videos into it …is this legeal? Because i didn’t find any policy related this.

You can not monetize twice. They are already monetizing their games. Still won’t be accepted. It seems you are only interested in monetizing. We encourage to first make something useful and then start thinking about monetizing. If you only think about monetizing you will see that the apps you make will be refused frequently. Devs told me there are a lot of users who want to monetize low quality apps and they are all refused. So again, think of something useful to develop.