Earning App Fact Check

I have read the kodular guidelines to get monetized. What if I make a game portal from my website with webview? I will not offer real life currency. But I will offer 2 types of games free, classic and premium. Free games are free to play and will reward you with coins. You can play classic games with coins and Premium games will cost you 1 diamonds. You can buy diamonds or get 1 diamond by watching an ad. Is it an earning app? Will they reject it? @Peter

This is totally fair.

However, make sure it’s your own and not pirated.


We define an earning app as an app which doesn’t have any value of its own, and it rather pays (or falsely acclaim of paying) users to download the app and watch ads so that the developer of the app earns money which they don’t even deserve as it is cheating the advertisers.


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