App for earning virtual devies

Hey koders !!

Since a few days i develop an application allowing to earn virtual currencies in the form of a “clicker game”. you have to click on a button, at each click stamina is consumed and to fill the stamina you have to look at an advertisement. at the end of a certain number of clicks you get a virtual currency for a game, that i will send from myself, because i made a system with Airtable which gives me the nickname of the players, and i can thus give them the virtual currency manually.

I’ve just read the rules about this… and I’m not sure how to place my application in relation to this…

what do you think ?

thank you for answering me, I would really like to know without bothering the Kodular team

good kod to you!

So your main interest in your App is to force your users to watch ads? Be true, would you like to use such an App yourself? Maybe you will get another idea for a more useful App. I hope so. Btw I am sure such an App won’t be approved by kodular to show ads.

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okay thank you for your answer, and yes I will use such an application because this virtual money in question is only available for a fee, and other applications offering this kind of service have a much higher ad ratio than in my application

This is called an earning app and can not be monetized so will not be approved for serving ads.