What is an earning App?

First of all, don’t mind me - it’s a very silly question whose answer I don’t know.

What are earning apps exactly? Which apps qualify into this category?

I have some doubts to clear.

Do we call an app an Earning App if it gifts real money to users? Ex. Loco / MPL

Do we call an app an Earning App if it has a lot of ads?

Do we call an app an Earning App that makes the developer earn money illegally?

If not, then what?
Thank you very much! :blush:

  1. not gifts, but makes the user work for it (surveys, dw apps etc.)
  2. well yes and no. if the main way to earn is by watching ads, then yes, if it is doing surveys then not really. maybe one banner that refreshes every 20 seconds and an interstitial ad when you earn the points
  3. short answer: no

I real don’t understand too.

may one of staff help to answer this question.


It is one of the correct reasons.
If an app rewards user money(in any form) after doing an illegal work and it also helps developer to earn money illegally then it is said to be an earning app.

Let’s take Dream11 as example.
It gives user money after doing a work which is similar to gambling and it is illegal.
These are my personal thoughts so I can be wrong or right


Thanks @vknow360 for reply :slight_smile:

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Would it be too much asking if we can share general knowledge that can be used by other users in the public forum instead of keeping it secret in pm’s? THANK YOU!


An earning app is an app that has only one purpose, to show ads without offering any other utility.
If your app helps me do something (play, entertain me, calculate, etc) and while doing it it shows me an ad, then that’s OK.
If your app only ask me to click or watch ads to earn some points, redeem those points for money, that’s an earning app.


Okay, I am getting it.

An example of this?

Thanks btw!

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Gambling is not exactly an illegal way to earn! Google support gambling too based on various factors.


I agree with you.
But most of the earning apps are not supported by Google


That is one big reason why not to do those. But I think more important is to keep the reputation of Kodular. If most of the apps made with these platforms will be that kind of garbage, then the platforms will be instantly associated to those apps and the more important app stores will be banning any app made here. And I’m pretty sure we don’t want that.
I really praise the effort Kodular is doing by implementing a manual approval system for apps with ads. Thanks for that. :+1:


You can give points or anything to user without placing ads in app that certain views and clicks get some points.
You can make like if user buys something then he get some points but app without ads here also

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Normal apps with ads:
They provide their service and place limited ads for income
Earning apps:
Their main intention is to see more ads and get more money without providing any service
So they place more ads or force users to click on ads and they reward users for seeing or clicking on ads
Google will suspend your account if you do this
Rule 1. Developer should not see/click on his own ads for making money (use test admob ad unit id for testing - search on google)
Rule 2. User should click ads on his own interest (do not force user to click)
Rule 3. Do not place multiple ads then user will get annoyed.

Google ads give advertisers targeted audience
Advertiser: Advertisers will get loss if they are not getting targeting audience and do not trust google
Google: google automatically get loss if advertisers are not trusting google
Google ads always monitor and suspend accounts if they find suspicious
Developers: Gets some dollars and google finds it and suspend…GAME OVER…
Google returns money to advertisers spent on invalid activity


Or you can check on Youtube what’s an earning app. By the way, good luck having those approved here! :laughing:



Some legendary Indian YouTubers out there :laughing:


With ultimate earning tips​:joy::joy::joy:

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