Why Earning apps not approve

Why Earning App is not Approve ?
Please start approve Earning apps.

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Earning Apps Are not Allowed by Admob. An App with Good Content Receives Quality ads and Has High Revenue. So Make Quality Content apps and You’ll get more money than earning apps.


You are Right. But There are many Earning apps on Play store now.
So why we don’t make earning app.

Because the developers of Kodular and Google don’t want you to make earning apps. Earning apps are bad and can get you suspended here and you can loose your developer account from Google.


Thank you.

Let me explain in a different way. An earning app destroys the market value of the advertising. The purpose of advertising is to get brand and product awareness. The user of an earning app is not a valid prospective customer, therefore it is a waste of time and money to show them the ads. If Google is not aggressive about protecting its market, then advertisiers wont pay as much because they know there is a lower value to the ads they place.

That is why earning apps are not approved.


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