[Free] 🕸 WebCodeView ||| Preview code in WebView very easy and simple with awesome styles

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Instructions Of Extension :

To add webview in your view

blocks (1)
To set your code

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If true that is will wrap any line doesn't have code

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To set style of view (Theme)

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To set your language which you are using in your code

Languages Supports
Java * JavaScript * C# * C++ * PHP * SQL * Python * Ruby

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AIX : Download

Special thanks for :

1- My Brotherr @NotAnAdminUser for beta test it
2- @avraampiperidis for awesome lib Codeview

Notes :
If you use a programming language in code and set Language to another programming language it will work but your function will not be prominent.
for extample you using in your code a programming language *C#* and set your Language *Java* it will preview but your function in your code will not be prominent.
This extension Is onley for preview, I mean if you want to show your code on your app that is will be enough for you, but if you want to coding (writing) that is will not so good.


I found a issue in c++ lenguage.

NEW UPDATE: (Version 2)

What is the new?

AIX (Version 2):

com.aemo.webcodeview.aix (76.0 KB)

Hope this update is good for you :)