[Free] Youtube API Extension : Get Everything by API 🥳

If i fetch any videos from youtube and show in my app can this be legal? And can I publish app on Playstore?

you can upload to playstore. because this semi-open api provides YouTube officially in the public domain. but it has a limit of 100 requests.

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Has the issue been fixed yet?

100 request at an instance or in total ?

I think daily limit.

I sent more than 100 requests while testing app myself

Everything is written in the API documentation. at the time of posting my comment there was a limit of 100 requests

Good work :+1::+1::+1:

Can U pls give the apk of app as the app is not compiling and apk is not creating

hi guys i found something for this extension

Getting error while exporting app


There is an problem on extension which you had given on AIA file

Extension : YouTube
Problem I faced : While I delete YouTube extension then the app is exporting as APK other wise its showing error . Do you suggest any other extension.



you can use directly api without using extension

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How to use directly .could you explain briefly about it @Groza .

we want to use YouTube extension blocks for that


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It would be great if there was an option to listen to the videos as mp3. I would appreciate it if you would consider adding it.


Hi, I want to try this app, but something is wrong

channelid of some youtube channels does not trigger getcahanneldata. Is there a solution?
example: channelid:UCiZ5IPrqD544XOuuowrse9w

how it work please explain

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