[Free] Youtube API Extension : Get Everything by API 🥳

in kodular only

Ok don’t worry. I’ll check.

I tried. It’s working.

Just a minute. I will see into it

which api you used

Youtube Data API v3
Youtube Analytics API
Youtube Reporting API

this api…but why?

Yes Now it’s working

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I asked because I was using the Youtube Analytics API

When I try opening the project the fixed version is in, it just says “An internal error has occurred. Report bug?”. Please fix this.

show your blocks. :+1:

It won’t let me load the app in the creator.

Ok then try a new project and insert this extension.

It just makes it so that I can’t compile it/load it in creator.

I am trying to check problems.

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Err, has it been fixed yet?

Sorry man :pray:
i am preparing for my exam. So sorry…

Hello @SonrajTech Can You Tell How to Get Home Videos Using This Extension ,

Popular Videos or Latest Videos

Any method for get video duration after search videos?

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