FTP files please help

I believe,

  1. Have you set File Write Permission?
  2. Or May be the File Really doesn’t exist!
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Your problem is with your image’s path. Search community for error open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory) or provide a screenshot of your blocks and also mention android version of your phone

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Most probably this would be the reason…
Ask the permission property and try to test in apk

Also if the path starts with file:/// then it will be fine i hope so.

I made the .apk same thing
I have Android 11

In android 11 it has problems with permissions, the same thing happened to me with wanting to store a database.

My solution was to throw them to assets, I don’t know if that is useful for you.
If it is useful to you, I will give you my solutions

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Please show me how you did it

Wait sometime any @ExtensionDevelopers
will make Android 11 all file access extension or use SAF

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