Gdrive video player | Play g drive videos in app. With Airtable database


It’s an easy and simple app that plays videos store in Gdrive. Just copy your shareable link and paste on the app. that’s it. Thanks to @Deep_Host for Exo.

Gdrive.apk (5.9 MB)

For easy understanding. Due to Deep host Exo player extension i can’t post AIA file hire.


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kodular apps limit are just 13MB!!

Currently we don’t have any solutions and this limite set by google. I think you need to use gdrive API. Try it your self.

Discussion related to DH are not allowed as he dosen’t support for his extensions.

How can i use google drive api for this. Please help me on this. I tried to figure out myself but i can’t quite get to make it work.

Read this You can do anything in gdrive as you want. Download files  |  Google Drive API  |  Google Developers
just you need to build extension or run java script in web viewer.