Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

New version isn’t released yet, see :point_down:

Thank for your reply I am waiting for it…

you also post?

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Remember to update your site and perhaps the general conditions of use !


This line make me feel very happy :grin::grin::grin:. I hope @Diego you will increase the limit to more than 8-10 or more extension.
Also look here what’s others want/say :

Thanks :+1::+1:, Hope for Best


They should do at least 15 Extensions. If they do 8-10 it’s like a slap in our Face again…

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Still Waiting Where is Primium

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In my heart :rofl:

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my applications that are already in the play store no longer show admanager ads, is it because it has already been updated to the premium version? I thought that the applications already compiled before would not have problems showing ads even though kodular upgraded to premium… does anyone else have this?


If you’ve done all the right steps, ads will take a while to appear. Wait 1 or 2 days.

my apps were showing ads before, not now

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Please add Admob components as internal components in the update because everyone is waiting for that to subscribe to Premium


You didn’t update your app and it stopped showing ads?

should i upgrade my app to premium version to show ads now? the apps that I had loaded showed ads until yesterday and today they stopped showing…

I still don’t understand if you updated your app or if the ads stopped showing without any action of yours.

Update your app by recompiling it and uploading to Play Store again as a new release. And I believe, no, you do not need Premium to use Google Ad Manager components.

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From my understanding, no action was taken on their part. It’s possible that something was changed with the method used to find subscription details.

With that said, @Augusto_212 it’s recommended to recompile your project and test from there. If all goes well, publish the update to the Google Play Store, otherwise feel free to leave further details as a reply.

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Yes you are right but It better than 5 number extension if they set 10 or more numbers of extension then its too helpful for us as a learner/developer :grin::grin: