Get Data From Every date

If I m trying with single date data . then no problem . but i want get all dates data showing.


The easiest way to get all data, if you have no authentication rules, is to use Web component. Set Web1.Url to


and then when Web1.GotText set label to get responce content. Afterwards you could work with dictionary blocks

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I Know This way. Actually I want some condition like
Get all only from last 5 days .

Waiting .any one can help

Can you give me any other solution

Maybe this might help you

last 5 days from the current date or last 5 dates from the list? Give us clear info

try like this, when user login store the device utility in one variable this will give you data stored in firebase as Descending order. Then by using select list item list you can take the first 5 dates

last 5 days from the current date . chack this image .

In the firebase 2 get tag list, you must you two for each item in the list blocks.

In first for each item block(use get value) use add items to the list

In second for each items in the list(use get global date) use the project bucket and get tag list

both are not working

First one ok, but what have to do after setting the project bucket??? Get tag list block???

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your idea worked . but result not showing proper . can you chack it . database also chack it

You can use google calendar…

Only last item Showing In List . I Want To get Every date data.

Only last date Item Showing . I want To get data whos duration days less then 5 days. these block work properly .

show me when firebase database1 got value block


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