How to display all data from date and time tags (firebase)

How can I get all the data from a different date and time tags…and these are my code blocks…


kodular post codeblock for storing data

Now I can only get the data from project bucket UserLogs/11/16 and I want to get data of all of them from different day…

thanks in advance!

You should try this :

Happy2Help :slight_smile:

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I already did that but it only displays tags from the date tag but it doesn’t display on the list properly like those pics I posted… but thanks for that I appreciate it a lot

You mean just tags are loading and not values… For that use a loop function to get all values from all the listed tags and then display…

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You are getting only data from 16/11 beacuse you set bucket to

With the structure of your firebase I believe it would be easier if you have no authentication rules to use Web component. Set Web1.Url to https:// < PROJECTID > and then when Web1.GotText get responce content in json format. Afterwards you can use dictionary blocks and create lists according to your needs, see


i will try this one… thanks a lot!

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