Get differen data with second url when click card, but data didnt show and still same with first initialized

hi everyone i want ask,

here i’m new with kodular and sorry if my english not fluent

is there anycone can help with this block,
i want get different data from list url no 2 when i click this card below, but the data didn’t show, the data still same with first initialized

can you tell me where is the wrong block ?
blocks (5)
blocks (4)

When the web got text set the all the list to creat empty list , next to this keep all other blocks what you have shown in the above screenshot.

Your problem is , web response data continue to write in all the global list instead of overwrite as you are using add items to the list block so it must be cleared before next item when web got text.

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ok i’ll try first, thanks for your reply, i will share the next block

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