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If I know " tag = EMAIL " and “value = [email protected]” I want to get that user project bucket ( never same Email have in database ) Or I want pass all user data to another screen. how can I do that

I belive you have your answer in this guide with some modification to your needs :wink:

To transfer data from one screen to another (Screen1 to Screen2) you just add the values you want to transfer to a list, then add that list to StartValue:

Have a look here as another example

I read it earlier. I want when user login with email and conform OTP other Screen show only that user data. tried it long time. but couldn’t do it.

I don’t understand, or do I? You want the user to login on Screen1 with Email and password? When user has clicked Login, then Screen2 should open and wait for confirmation of OTP? Or when OTP has been confirmed you want Screen2 to open with a list of all the data for that logged in user?

But your question in topic was how to get Bucket ID for email provided, or how to pass the users data from 1 screen to another. The answer are in those links provided.

Could you show some blocks of what you have tried?

You can achieve this with just tinydb. When login success, save the users required details in tinydb, and use the same tag name in any screen to get user detail

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This is Login Screen block. user can register with email id and confirm OTP after open another screen to fill user data.

This is fill user data screen block.

when 1st time user login, user want fill user data after logout and login again email and confirm with OTP user don’t want to fill user data and open home Screen with user data. that I want.

I save all user with random user id ( User no need to remember user id )

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I tried but user login with another email address in same mobile got wrong data.

So the suggestion would, whenever user try to sign-up,
Step1: get taglist using the project bucket users
Step2: using for each items in the obtained list, set the project bucket to this item and get Firebase value of email and name
Step3: now if user clicks the button for get OTP, check the email is in the email or not. If not just send OTP to mail or alert user to , already email registered

I did it.

Screen 1



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