Get value from different device?

Hi Koders,
This is Kshitij. Does anyone know how to get value from a different device like:-
Device1: Value= 2
Device2: Value= 3
Device3: Value= 1
I want that in all these devices the value of the other devices should go…
And after all the devices have each other’s value an event should be raised…

Is it possible and if yes then how…

You can use firebase realtime database.
Create unique ids for each device.

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Device1 <=> [ Database ] <=> Device2

Read about Database Online And
This Guide Help You:


Ya, I know that I don’t know why but it didn’t came in my mind…

Thanks a lot…
@Rogerio_Rios @Saezy

But is there any way like when the 2 devices come in close contact only then the value can be shared…
I only want to share few numbers of not more than 3digits…

I did not understand

I did not understand the relevance of this information.

I want a number to be shared between a few devices when they are near like around 10m distance.

You know how to do that @Rogerio_Rios

are u making file sharing app???

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I just want to share a number (max 3 digit) which would be stored in tinydb.

but why u just want to share a no.

I want to share a number to declare a text to a label.
Like if the number got is 1 then set label text to example.

u can share any type of data with this extension

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It’s paid and as a student I can’t buy it…

Im not sure but could you use bluetooth? the component has a send text option in kodular but I have never used the bluetooth component. I believe bluetooth has an average range of 10m

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Yes There Free Way And Paid Way

Free Way
The Free Way Is Use Location Sensor To Detect That Wanted Device Is Near Or Away If You Found Near Then You Can Fire Something And It’s Receive On Other Device Using FirebaseDB And You Can Store It In TinyDB

Paid Way
Free Way Will Work When Application Is Open And Make It More Effective Use Background Services So No Need To App Be Open And Apply Above Logic.

This Type Of Application May Be For Give Strong Friendship It’s Will Challenging Level For Each Friends To Meet Each Other , For Detecting Meeting Is True Or Not This Application Will Work


I’ll try…