Get value when you select from TableView / spreadsheet by using Webapp

When I’m selecting from TableView I would like to display on TextBox1(name of the item) and Textbox2 (quentity).
Here is my code:

Here is how display:


Select list item list (split text (get row text) at ,) index 1

For index 1 it will return cola
Index 2 will return price
3 will return quantity


Use comma ,

Or simply you can use
Set label text to cell text…

Working, Thanks!

Another question How I can update when on click button?

Then you must use Dynamic table + script url.

This is just table view, you can view. If there is any block for update you can try for that

Acually I’m using WEB app components

but how I can save changes when button UPDATE click using Webapp

You want to update in tableaview or gsheet?

In gsheet mean , then read this

I would Like to update from Gsheet as well Tableview

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