How to create a list view in table where I will get data from Google Sheet

How can I create a screen that returns some columns from the Google Spreadsheet?
I want it to come back to me like the image below that is circled in green.
Further down, I was only able to create a list that pulls this data, but I cannot generate an icon for the Status column

here below is the google spreadsheet that I am using

Did you search in community ?
There are many example about This subject.

yes, so much. but not about the icon. I didn’t find anything about the icon

Maybe , listview with html…

I also want to click on each list to open a screen that automatically returns the corresponding line, like the image below

here is the aia that I’m using
multieng_test.aia (804.0 KB)

and how to add filter in the menu?
for example, in Status I want to filter so that only lines with status “done” appear

For the Progress State, I Checked Your AIA, and, simply, you are using the start value to transfer data from one screen to another so put a condition for example
if the start value contains "in progress" then set the progress state to 2.
and as for the filters put a Button beside the rows to select the filter and according to the filter create a filtered list. for example

if filter = In progress 
   then for each item in the list
      if item contains in progress 
         then add the item to "filter list"

Also for the display like the above you can use

I haven’t made much progress with this project. Can someone finish it for me? I will pay if necessary

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I sent a private message