Getting Multivalued List from Cell in Airtable

Hello and Good Day.

Can someone teach me how to get these values from airtable?

I’ve tried several blocks on the list category with no avail. Either I don’t know how to properly use it or there’s something that I am missing.


And this is a screenshot of the data I would like to get.


I would like to get the values just like in the table (single numerical values).

This is how I get the data, and it just it returns a value like this [“adwd21123”,“112dafat335”,“adafawttj55”] for example.


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the data that I am trying to get is a linked record. Data that is from another table that is linked in my current table.

And so I am wondering if this’ll work on that?

I’ve tried generating the code that you have shown me but it gave me an error.