Google Books Api

I need help figuring out how to get a title and authors of book from ISBN using google books api. please show the blocks that you used. here is a link to the api

Welcome to community. You could use dictionary blocks and [Free] Json To Dictionary Extension

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It’s me Again :smiley:
Suggestion to read and learn to access API

There are many examples here in comunnity,.
Did You Search ?


Here …

And here. …

Oh! I think I’m in an infinite loop (my answers call the same answers that call the previous one again - stack overflow error)

when i tried to display it, it would only show {} for each value.

You must set first web.url to and then …


Where is your URL?

the url is in my web1 component


Move blocks

Thanks so much for your help.

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I have a question how do you get the small thumbnail image link under imageLinks.


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