Google permission - No way it works

Hi everyone.
Iḿ strugling with Google to aprove a app.
The problem is with permissions. There is a form when you submit your app, that is difficult to match with your app permissions.

In my app, is a simple button that dials some services (police municipality …), and google assumes that is need a permission to direct dial… SOOOO if is possible not do dial directly from app, but only put on dial screen of phone the number, and after, the user if wants click the dial button… I think it could solve my problem, and maybe other problem.

The list of google says needed permissions:

Those i checked in google form:
Default Phone handler (and any other core functionality usage while default handler)
Default Assistant handler (and any other core functionality usage while default handler)

In app, and do not have any blocks with permissions, i i did no edited manually the manifest file.
Is possible to delete the blue block “dial” and it does what i want? Just put the number on dial scren of phone, without direct call (i did not test it yet), and it could solve most of this problems?
TKod hanks.

This question is already asked many times , Please search in community !

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Yes i know, i searched.
I did not find a final solution. And i point a alternative way, i think…


Soved. Some of blocks here suggested and remove all “phone call”.

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