Google Search Extension By Techno Vedang [Test Extension]

######Join Any Url

Hello Koders I Have Created A Simple Extension Name Of Extension Is Google Search By Techno Vedang (Join Any Url)

Here Is The Screenshot

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This Is The Simple Extension You Can Use It In Your Browser App Or Any Other App.

You Can Download It com.appybuilder.vedangsolaskar2018.JoinAnyUrl.aix (5.5 KB)


You can do that without any extension, but if you made it only for learning… That’s good.:+1:

which means, that method just returns the string ""
Don’t you think, this can be done easily without an extension?
Or is this only a test extension?


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It is a test extension. Created for learning only

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From where do you get that “call join any url” block

Welcome to community. Have a look at below post and you will find it