Google sheets and kodular

Hello everyone
so I’m doing a project with arduino and sensors and the values that the sensors get I want them to be seen in an app in the form of a graph so I thought I would transmit the values to a google sheets and that will be updated in real time and these values sheets will appear in the app
I researched how to make graphics on the kodular and a video “” appeared, using the tainfun tools and chart maker extension, but it only works if you put data in a text string block and I I want to replace this block of text string with the values that appear on my sheets in order to be automatic and simultaneously

this is where you put the values for the graph and I want to find out how to put the values of the sheets instead of the text string block

and this last pic it´s the result…nothing ahahahahahahah

this code is about the chart maker that I saw in the video but I don’t understand anything about it and the youtuber just said to copy that it didn’t really matter

this is the code that makes the link between google sheets and kodular etc .

Welcome to the community. At first look I noticed that you call graficos and showchart procedure when screen initialize but when screen initialize data from google spreadsheet is not yet received. Try to move those procedures at the end od when web1.Got Text Block and see if it works

hi thanks for the quick intervention ahahah
my English is not that good but from what I realized it was to make this exchange right?
I made the change but it gave the same result of not showing anything in the graph

I do not know if this problem will not be the extensions I am using that may not allow data over the web :confused: