Google Sheets API

Hey guys,

I think that most of you that ever worked with Kodular or other App Inventor like platforms will miss Fusion Tables plugin right?
If you don’t know this yet, sit tight because it will knock your socks off… It will be shutten!
Google announced that it’s support will last till december 2019.
I used to use Fusion Tables untill this terrible news, than I had to force myself to use Airtable and other workarounds but it doesn’t support querying data with conditions and some other cool stuff that Fusion Tables do.
So I think that would be nice to some Kodular Developer step ahead of this issue and do it.
Google already provides the Google Sheets API (Sheets API  |  Google Developers) and it’s FREE, think about how nice would it be not to pay for Firebase or Airtable services…

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Yes, Nice Discussion you have raised, like thunkable , kodular have to implement in google sheets directly. that will big achievement for kodular.


Yes it will be. Answering in January 2021 :joy: :relaxed: :rofl: lol

There is great resource available on internet.Visit for more information.

2020? Are you in past? It’s not good to search and reply to random threads and make fun of it.