I want Tables by Google support in Kodular

Hello everyone,
For those who remain updated with current news regarding technology, you must be aware about the recent launch of Airtable-alternative Tables by Google

For those unaware, here is some data

  1. https://blog.google/technology/area-120/tables/
  2. https://tables.area120.google.com/u/0/about#/?utm_source=Keyword,%20blog&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Keyword_blog_post

Now I really want to see Tables support in Kodular.
Many of you (after opening and reading these links) must be thinking the following -

  1. Why do you want another component that does something same as a pre existing component?
  2. There isn’t much difference in their free plans either. Why?

There aren’t many answers I can provide, but some are -

  1. If you have taken a look at their price, tables provides much more rows for the same price of $10(not free, I know)
  2. I use firebase for my app, and I think this may centralize the database a little bit.
  3. We still don’t know what all tables contains, and maybe it is worth a shot.

According to me, Tables looks worthy of being tried once. I, from the depth of my heart, request either an extension or addition of Tables as a component in Kodular. This will seriously be a good move according to me.

I really want to listen to you feedback on this. Feel free to give your views.


Oh yes… I was thinking of this coming up, but ,thinking logically, Google will roll it out for the world.
If not now some days later.

Hey, you can use the cloudsheets extension, it will link google sheets with your app.

Maybe if you can elaborate the difference then i can try to develop the extension

Let Table Release In India Then I can say


As per the details.

They will allow 1000 free rows afterwhich you will have to upgrade at 10 usd/month

Its more or less the same as airtable

maybe yes…the world release would have been a better time to ask for an extension.

And as said earlier it is perfectly same as airtable, but, we will have to wait for it to be launched around the world to see what makes it better(or worse)

While it is true in the plans google comes out winning but not making a difference and the same when paying a plan airtable there are other supplements that are very beneficial and can use them in your app

I still think Airtable is better for the moment!

For me mysql is better than everything

The problem that you could only use it with a server
you should protect yourself from attacks or sql injection, of course the other platforms are not 100% secure

But it would still be good if they implemented MySql

In that case using google sheets in 100 percent secured. We have the cloudsheets extension available on the community