Alternatives to airtable

It is so frustrating. I been searching a solution for this for past 3-4 days. I am working on an educational app, which will published and promoted on a state-wide educational site. So, I will definitely get 1k+ users (positive). I have been trying to find a way to store email ID, password, other user details and some quiz questions & answers on an online spreadsheet-like service (I had google spreadsheets on my mind). Turns out there is no way.
I used airtable, it is working but it’s a little slow, and moreover has limitations (5 requests/sec, 1200 records per base etc)
I don’t want to use Firebase because I don’t find it easy to manage data in Firebase (I want to create users database; Unique ID is email and all other info like name, address, password are stored under that UID.)
So I think the only option I’ve got is to use fusion tables or hope that Kodular Eagle update will have what I need.

U can use PHP admin panel.

I just discovered this! Have to test this though.

What about MySql ?

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Yeah this is a very good idea…I would like to say best and easy also.

Where is Thanos?:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :

@Brain_Flare_Creation have you got answer?

Let me try that extension. The problem is, if Kodular just had that extension inbuilt, I could have finished this app in a day. I am working on digital content (educational videos) so that took me almost 3 weeks to shoot, edit, add all fancy effects, and to build this app as a support (you know, practice questions and all). So, to learn another ‘language’ for a simple app like this is a bit of time killer. You know how is it in India with all that pressure for writing entrance exams (JEE etc). I’m lucky that I get time to be in ‘my world’. Anyway, some knowledge won’t kill!!

MySql is not so hard.
Also I don’t know MySql completely. I have learned some basics by phpmyadmin.

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Only an advice. You can use Firebase Authentication to register users instead of saving their Email and Password in Database.

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