Googles new font

Which font is using google right now?

Google Sans… Why?


Product Sans (or Google Sans).
Keep in mind that Google didn’t open sourced it, so you can’t use it for your projects now


I want to use this font in my app.

Thanks. Sad to know that :neutral_face:

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You can’t… It’s not yet Open Sourced however I don’t understand why not… Other apps don’t primarily use it but have a Setting to apply it.


Oops, I have used google sans font ! :persevere::zipper_mouth_face::lying_face:

You can use a Poppins as an alternative, with Roboto. Poppins as Titles and stuff, Roboto for main text.

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thanks for the suggestion. Poppins looks good :heart_eyes:

It will be never (I think). They made so much fonts available for free, for everyone, but they just take this font for theirselves.
But, there are alternatives.

Gilroy is the best Google (Product) Sans alternative for me.

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