🌟 Gravatar! Gravatar Extension to get gravatar image that conected to an email

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The Gravatar extension allows you to interact with the Gravatar service to retrieve Gravatar URLs and check if an email has a Gravatar image.




  1. **GetGravatar(email: Text, size: Number)**Description: Get the Gravatar URL for the provided email address with a specified image size.


  • email (Text): The email address for which to fetch the Gravatar URL.
  • size (Number): The desired size of the Gravatar image (optional).Events Triggered:
  • GravatarFetched(gravatarUrl: Text): Event triggered with the Gravatar URL.


  1. **CheckGravatar(email: Text)**Description: Check if an email address has a Gravatar image associated with it.


  • email (Text): The email address to check for Gravatar.Events Triggered:
  • GravatarCheckResult(email: Text, hasGravatar: Boolean): Event triggered with the result of Gravatar existence check.



  1. **GravatarFetched(gravatarUrl: Text)**Description: Event-triggered with the Gravatar URL for a provided email address.
  • gravatarUrl (Text): The URL of the Gravatar image.


  1. **GravatarCheckResult(email: Text, hasGravatar: Boolean)**Description: Event triggered with the result of checking if an email has a Gravatar image.


  • email (Text): The email address that was checked for Gravatar.
  • hasGravatar (Boolean): Indicates whether the email has a Gravatar image (true) or not (false).

Usage Example:
like how Kodular gets your gravatar based on your email :point_down:

Screenshot 2023-08-09 174026

This extension allows you to seamlessly integrate Gravatar functionality into your Kodular apps. You can use it to fetch Gravatar URLs for profile images based on email addresses or to check whether a given email has a Gravatar image.

Here’s how you can use the extension in your App Inventor project:

  1. Drag and drop the Gravatar extension into your project.
  2. Call the GetGravatar method to retrieve a Gravatar URL for a specific email address and size. Use the GravatarFetched event to handle the result.
  3. Call the CheckGravatar method to check if an email address has a Gravatar image. Use the GravatarCheckResult event to handle the result.

Aix file :
Gravatar.aix (622.8 KB)


This Gravatar extension was created by Mr.Koder.

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Definitely using this extension on apps with user interaction system…

Good job :+1:

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Thanks for your opinion.

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can i get aia please

I think there’s no need to aia file cause the extension is simple to use

But i getting only one image always that is not any avtar please help

You have to sign up here in gravatar first to get the image

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I think it directly fetch email profile picture :neutral_face: can you please make this one for email profile picture fecther