Health Care app


  • The app consists of two modes.
  • The first mode is the hand sanitization timer to allow you to get your hands washed properly for 20 seconds which is clearly based on the guidelines of WHO.
  • It also includes pictured based information and preventive steps taken from trusted governmental websites as a second mode option .
  • The most important! It has covid updates feature also.



Download link:

Health Care.apk (7.7 MB)

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Personal opinion: I don’t like your website. It is just a template with some pictures and clicking somewhere to download doesn’t work. Maybe work on that.

Please change all you allcaps sentences. That is like shouting and we don’t shout here. I already changed your topic title.


I think now the download button will work.

What about the app?

Didn’t test it. We see a lot of COVID-19 apps these days.

I think you should try it . it is somewhat different.

I am a healthcare worker so i know about COVID-19 from up close. I don’t need an app. Maybe if you tell what is so special.

It has covid-19 update feature

The app is also linked to wix app.

Improve UI Of Your App

I have fixed few bugs on my app. Please tell me if you find any problem in this.

Those who are interested in their health should not worry about and protect themselves from the C virus so much, but rather from all the hype and fears that are spread among people. This is more dangerous than the virus itself. That is my opinion, which is based, among other things, on - thoroughly researched - statements by numerous, world-renowned virologists (not least Prof. John Ioannidis, Stanford).

But of course a little more hygiene never hurts - with or without a virus.


But to be updated and aware is also essential. That’s what the app helps to do


Health Care app is updated!
Few bugs fixed.

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Here is the new version of Health Care.
Try it now!

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Health Care app is now available with feedback option also!

Anyone have time to explore my app and give feedback about that!