Help! , how to get to SDK API TARGET 33 ( Android 13 )

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You are spreading fake news, see for example here

And it looks like you do not understand the difference between min sdk and target sdk


Thanks for your answer. Actually I was confusing “min SDK” with “target SDK”.

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Help us to get to the target api sdk 33 to upload to google consol, for now the target api sdk is still 31, how do I get to the target api sdk 33??

to see his picture of this → Screenshot-17 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB


If somebody want easy solution refer to this and upgrad to api 33 in one click

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And for those who understand, that there is no need to update their apps, those people just do nothing…
See also


I buy premium membership you are not responding… and in app it says failed to submit request…

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try this step, it’s very easy to convert (solution), but better yet wait for kodular update to targetsdk 33, maybe in september/october

Instead of Editing the Manifest File,


Just select “Android 13” in Dropdown and follow other steps.

Link to Apk Editor Studio:

Link to Android App:


I found a way to update to api level 34 (android 14). API level 34 is the latest version. this method is working properly. I published my new app update yesterday. Now it is live on play store. follow this video. (select “API level 34” as the target api level)

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Kodular uses target sdk 33, just build the app
Understand the difference between min sdk and target sdk