Help in recyclerview extension

Can anyone help me in creating a list ?.
First i want to make 2 variables of list which will get data from csv file
Veriable1 have 114 list of buttons
Veriable2 have 6000 list of text
I want to create 2 lists.
1 : when screen instialize create list of 114 buttons that get list from veriable1.

2 when any button click the first arrangement invisible and second arrangement visible and create another list. In which get data from veriable2.
And when button 1 click i want to show variable 2 list from 1 to 200 .
And when button 2 click i want to show variable 2 list from 201 to 400 .
And so on.

I can make it with dynamic component but not able in recyclerview extension.
Please help me by making a demo app

What have you tried so far?

I tried but failed. So please help me

Show the blocks etc you tried.

I delete the project .
Because i failed.
Please help me by creating a demo app.
I can make this kind of project with dynamic component and other extension. But i don’t know how make with recyclerview extension.
Because this is new extension and there are no tutorial on this extension

If you want that kind of help you should offer to pay for it.

I know that’s too much hard work but i don’t have money and i have 1.5 years kodular experience i know how to make that kind of app but in recyclerview extension i just want to get some help in blocks i don’t want to buy app from other developer i want to build app myself.