Help Making Cart Page

Hi guys. I need help to make a cart page. Im making a restaurant app and i need to send by one app to other app (admin app) requests of clients. Im using the firebase to send information and i need help developing my blocks and idea how to make it. Im actually send the product to cart page.
Thanks for who can help me !!

Friend, first the logic.
1- make list of products
2- show this list of products.
3- create routine to include in the cart.
4- create routine to exclude from the cart.
5- routine to close / send request to the database
6- routine to view orders.


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Thanks for the answer, but can you say to me if what I did is correct. I have a list of products, and when the user press the button add to cart the product.I have to add the variables created already to the firebase

I didn’t read your blocks. Generally the products in the cart are valid for the system, after the customer closes / finalizes the purchase, then what was in the cart becomes a purchase (which can be an order to be prepared in real time in the kitchen or an order waiting) payment- pending)

Think about it

But my difficult is put the information of the dynamic card view in firebase, because i have the information in list and i have to put in other list the same information. And it´s not working.

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